Player Uniforms & Equipment


Kit (Uniforms)

Uniforms are issued to all new players at the start of the Fall season. Each player is provided with an orange WSC jersey and black socks. Players are encouraged to re-use their jersey the next season and are theirs to keep; however, if they out grow it or for another reason they need a new one they make this request during Player Registration. Socks can be kept by the players.



Shin Guards

All players are required to to provide their own shin guards, soccer shoes, and shorts. Please note that referees will check that each player has acceptable equipment prior to the start of each game. Shin guards should be worn under socks.

Shin guards can be either the pull-on/stirrup-style or the insert style, but they must have a hard, molded shell protecting the shin. Stirrup-style shin guards often include molded shells that protect the ankles as well.


Shoes or Boots

Soccer shoes should have plastic bladed or molded cleats appropriate for playing on grass, dirt and outdoor turf. If there is a choice, cleats for "hard surface" and/or with a lower profile cleat are a good compromise.

NOTE: In some cases, mod teams will occasionally play indoors, and will need to wear a shoe without cleats: any sneaker or running shoe should suffice (purchase of turf-specific or indoor soccer shoes are not required).

Woodland Soccer Shoe Bank

There is an exceptional resource hosted by a Woodland Soccer family at 5553 Wallingford Ave N on their porch. Clean-up an old pair, label the size, tie laces together, and pick-up a new pair! Or simply grab a pair if you need one.


Season End Kit & Gear Collection

Equipment and uniforms are expensive. We are encouraging players to re-use their jersey unless it no longer fits or something else has happened. Doing this saves the club, enabling us to re-direct budget toward coach/player training, scholarships and other operating expenses. This is similar for team equipment, where coaches are encouraged to re-use gear. New uniforms and gear will be made available each season and ideally taken on an as needed basis. Questions?