Rules of Competition & Laws of the Game

Age-appropriate “Rules of Competition” for recreation-level play and are based on Laws of the Game (IFAB)*. These rules are established and governed by the WYS (Washington), SYSA (City) and/or WSC (Intraclub/Interclub) organizations


U06/U07 Intraclub

Games involve against other WSC teams (WSC manages the league) and include alterations made by WSC.

📖 U06/U07 Rules

U08/U09 Interclub

Games involve Ballard, Queen Anne & Lake City clubs as well as other WSC teams (a different club takes turns managing the league each year) and include alterations made by the four clubs involved.

📖 U08/U09 Rules

U10+ SYSA Recreational

Games involve all SYSA recreational club teams (SYSA manages the league). Teams may be placed in Bronze, Silver or Gold divisions to keep the competition appropriate and to help schedule age divisions with a large number of teams. Rules include alterations made by the SYSA & WYS.

📖 U10+ Rules


*There is a version of these rules, called Laws of the Game Made Easy,
that is designed for younger audiences (they have not been updated since 2011).