Kit (Uniforms)

Uniforms are issued to all players at the start of the Fall season: each player will be provided with a jersey and black socks. The socks can be kept by the players, but the jerseys must be returned at the end of the season. Socks can be kept by the players, but the jerseys must be returned at the end of the season.

Shin Guards & Shoes

All players are required to to provide their own shin guards, soccer shoes, and shorts. Please note that referees will check that each player has acceptable equipment prior to the start of each game.

Soccer shoes should have plastic bladed or molded cleats appropriate for playing on grass, dirt and outdoor turf. If there is a choice, cleats for "hard surface" and/or with a lower profile cleat are a good comprimise.

NOTE: In some cases, mod teams will occassionally play indoors, and will need to wear a shoe without cleats: any sneaker or running shoe should suffice (purchase of turf-specific or indoor soccer shoes are not required).

Season End Kit Collection

Please remember that the equipment and uniforms are expensive. If we are able to track the return of equipment and uniforms from all of the teams in the club, it allows us the ability to identify extra dollars in the budget for continuing education and training, such as Player Training we had this season.

If you are a coach or a team manager, please refer to the section on managing your team's uniforms & equipment.

Uniforms and Equipment Reminders